50 Beyond: The Move

16 December 2019

Because we had already done the move into our swing space, our staff was familiar with the process – everyone had their own personal number to label their bins and workstation items, including laptops, docking stations, monitors, even mice and keyboards. We held an office-wide meeting the week prior to discuss the timing of critical items: when to pick up your bin(s), when our Library would be packed up and moved to the new space, when the server would go offline in order to move the data racks from the swing space to the new office, and a general overview of what they can expect to see on Day 1, without giving too much of the surprise away. Although we were temporarily located in the office suite across the hall, we didn’t let staff (outside of the core project team) see the progress so that we could unveil the new office for everyone at the same time.

As we neared the end of the week before the big move, we did a final walkthrough with Commodore, Spry (our movers) and Colonial (the furniture installers) in order to run through everything that needed to be done that Friday and Saturday. We also worked closely with our AV vendor, Tritech, and our IT team, iCorps, to ensure all technology was up and running, including our data room, the ClickShare systems on all meeting room monitors, the touchscreen monitor, our Sonos system (for Music Fridays 😊), the Lutron tunable lighting in the Library and the meeting room scheduling system.

After that, the real fun began! A small crew worked together on Friday afternoon/evening and all day Saturday (with a small break for a “pom” workout class as a mid-day break for some) to get the office ready. We unpacked, organized and set up various areas in the office with the final touches and décor. Every time we thought we had unpacked all the red bins for a particular area, someone would turn the corner with another tower (the amount of packing tape dispensers we discovered during this process is slightly embarrassing! We won’t even talk about the trash bins…). We also spent some time creating planters that are seen throughout the office and mini succulents that we placed at each person’s desk for the first day, along with new Dyer Brown-branded mousepads and tumblers.

Realizing that the new office was a big change for staff, we created a couple different tools that would help with the change management component. The design team, in collaboration with our Creative Services studio, created a Welcome Guide trifold that had a labeled floor plan and fun facts about the new space, as well as a Welcome Guide book that elaborated on the design process, inspiration, meeting rooms, work modes, floor plans and FAQs. Staff still refer to this book even 6+ months after moving in, and we’ve been able to show clients to give them ideas for their own office renovations.

Although moving is never easy, the organization and preparation we did beforehand made the move weekend not only seamless, but fun. Seeing everyone’s reactions on Day 1 made the hard work worthwhile.

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