Corporate Restructuring: How Design Firms Are Helping Big Clients

16 October 2017

Real estate is a huge financial burden to companies of every size. And the larger the company, the larger the financial burden is. Corporate clients constantly feel pressure to reevaluate their real estate assets, and to ensure they’re putting the right pieces together for their employees and everyone else they interact with.

“Our Corporate Services clients are often looking to us for workplace trends, and the know-how behind how they’re using their spaces currently, and what they could or should be doing,” said Tara Martin, Principal/Director of Client Services. “Sometimes it begins with a single project or a series of smaller projects; but they’re often working through larger issues like talent retention.”

“A main concern for our larger clients is employee satisfaction – more employees can lead to having less control over things like company culture, differences in departmental work environments and management styles,” said Sara Ross, director of Corporate Services at Dyer Brown.

Dyer Brown’s Corporate Services studio recently completed a project for Fresenius Medical Care, a global healthcare service company facing rapid growth and expansion. Instead of taking on new real estate, Fresenius looked to Dyer Brown to align departments and use existing spaces more efficiently. Multiple pieces of the project are now underway. Two completed projects include:

  • A 2,000 square foot walk-up "IT Clinic" for employees needing assistance from the IT department
  • A 30,000 square foot office floor with distinct ‘neighborhoods’ for collaboration, organized around a central hub

Consolidating fragmented departments and recapturing underutilized space often means reducing workstation sizes, reassigning staff to smaller, more efficient offices, and repurposing reclaimed square footage as collaboration and amenity spaces, and these are big changes for any size organization. Where people work is an extension of who they are as a company, and we try to guide them in pinpointing what that looks like.

Excerpted and adapted with permission from Office Insight. The original article is here.

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