Integrated Social Distancing Signage + Graphics

27 August 2020

Now, in partnership with BluEdge, Dyer Brown has created an off-the-shelf system of signage types, ranging from directional arrows to distance reference graphics, that each have a unique look and are available for purchase. BluEdge is a production center specializing in environmental graphics and custom display materials. In response to the current climate, they have assembled a series of media and materials to deal specifically with the needs of COVID-19 safety, including products based on our own designs.

We understand that employers and building owners may have questions about how to reopen safely, and that they may want answers to their questions before purchasing signage systems. To help get you started, below you will find the frequently asked questions we have been fielding from our own clients, and our typical responses:

How do we place an order?

First, navigate to the online store here, then follow the steps below:

  1. Click “Sign In” at the top right corner of the page. If you do not already have an account, you can create one using a unique username and password
  2. Click “Place an Order” at the top-left, underneath the Dyer Brown banner
  3. Select the desired graphics for your organization
    • Distance Referencing Signage
    • Floor Arrows Signage
    • Floor Social Distancing – Indoors Signage
    • Table Arrows Signage
    • Wall – Wash Hands Signage
  4. Choose desired design type for selected graphic
  5. Fill in quantity, Pantone color number, project name, and whether you need an installation quote
  6. Click ‘Add to Cart’
  7. Follow prompts to “Place Order”
  8. Once we review your order, we will reach out directly about billing, tracking, etc.

Can we customize these off-the-shelf graphics to meet our own brand standards?

In addition to the options provided on the online store, Dyer Brown and BluEdge can work with clients to develop custom solutions that better reference their brand identity colors, typography, and other brand elements. When it comes to producing your graphics, BluEdge will work with you to determine the most compatible materials and substrates based on the surface where it will be applied. For example, carpet requires a slightly more aggressive adhesive and thickness of media compared to tile or concrete surfaces. This is why the first thing we do before producing any graphic is confirm with you the final locations/surfaces that each graphic will be applied to. For further customization inquiries, please reach out to

Are Pantone swatches/signage samples available to view before processing and install?

Yes! Branding plays an important role in your graphic treatments. That is why we can deliver Pantone colors as close as vinyl printing allows for your graphics. You will receive proofs of your materials prior to any production.

What are “Mindful MATERIALS,” and how can we incorporate more sustainable solutions into our signage?

Established by some of the top architectural design firms in the country, Mindful MATERIALS is an open-source data platform with aggregated human health and environmental information from leading manufacturers, making it easier to make informed product choices. (It is not a certification standard for sustainability.) Many BluEdge wall coverings have been listed as Mindful MATERIALS. Some benefits include:

  • High-impact graphics with an extended range of available colors
  • Color can last 20-plus years when not in direct sunlight
  • Color can last three or more years when displayed in a window (longer with a UV protected laminate)
  • PVC-free, low-VOC-emitting wallpaper
  • Resists to mold and mildew
  • Class A-rated flame-spread performance material
  • Heavyweight 16mil wallpaper with textile scrim backing will hide minor wall imperfections

What is the current lead time on graphics? Is there an estimate time from placing an order to installation clients can expect?

Typically, the lead time for production of graphics is approximately 3 to 4 days upon proof approval.

Can you explain how the install process works? Can we install these graphics ourselves?

The graphics within this program have been specifically designed for easy installation. By using a “peel & stick” method, end users are capable of applying their graphics themselves, and these can be removed at a later date without causing damage. If you prefer to have a professional installation, BlueEdge is happy to help! You can reach out to them to discuss your project further – on the order form, there is an option to select “Will you need an install quote?”

Are there any other products you will be offering to accompany these graphics?

Please reach out to with further product inquiries.

Are these graphics easy to clean?

Yes! All of our graphics are laminated, so they are wipeable using any cleaning solution. Graphics installed on any flooring material will stand up to regular mopping and sweeping.

Are there any other product offerings that we may find useful in a return-to-office plan?

BluEdge offers additional accessories that could contribute to a safe and productive reopening:

  • Sneeze guards, in stock and custom sizes with various mounting solutions
  • PPE face shields
  • No-touch tools: These can help employees to avoid touching public touchscreens such as store checkout terminals and ATMs. The ergonomic design makes it easy to open doors, press buttons and pull levers. They come in a variety of colors and can be customized to fit your brand.
  • No-touch thermometer
  • Pulse oximeters

Still have some questions? Reach out to us by email.

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