TeamChris Whipple

A Bachelor of Science recipient in Architectural Engineering Building Technology from the New England Institute of Technology, Chris joins Dyer Brown with design experience from the MIT Lincoln Laboratory. He continues to pursue academic goals, and expects to earn a Master of Architecture degree in 2019 from the Boston Architectural College.

Working with Dyer Brown’s Asset Design + Support studio, Chris brings to bear his depth of knowledge with digital tools to supply BOMA calculations, field verifications, and existing conditions updates. His facility with AutoCAD, computer-aided design (CAD), and Rhino 3D, among other skills, have already made him an essential part of our team.

Originally from Kingston, New Hampshire, Chris enjoys spending free time in his native New England – especially hanging out in Maine. When he’s not going to the movies, skiing, or making maple syrup, you can find Chris collecting can tabs for the Shriners organization – a charitable activity aiming to provide children with needed healthcare.

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